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  • hope u enjoy the wedding hun and the sun stays out. xx
  • yeah gonna c how med goes, he says he is gonna sort himself out but i wont b holding mi breath!

    i know it sounds awful but im bored of hearing about his probs all the bloody time, he never asks how im feeling or how im coping with the kids,mmmmmmmm maybe im being a selfish cow i dunno guess it would be nice if he asked once in a while.
    how it going ur oh? managed to get him to kick in the wkend door work? xx
  • my bf always moans about money2!
    maybe they think we spend it all on perfume and facials and that the food nappies ect fall out of the sky!
    yeah the ball is def in his court and he is gonna have to do some trying 2 convince me its worth sticking with this relationship

    men just dont understand us do they? or maybe they just dont bloody want too! xx
  • yeah a bit of support wld be nice sometimes
    he has a toilet excuse when oliver does a poo! and thinks i havnt sussed it!lol

    wh, i am really trying to be supportive and give him time but its hard going when he says he aint got time for us or is feeling down, and then it turns out he has been out on the piss with his mates and spent all his money! then apparently cant afford to eat. i dunno if this is normal behavior for deppressed or just someone being increadibly selfish in wanting 2 pretend he is footloose and fancy free, no commitments!
    i know i should cut him some slack but he has put me through a fair bit over the yrs and it seems like im putting it all in and getting nothing out if ya get me?
    guess i should read up on deppression and bug u wh for info. xx
    brodiesmum, did ur mate ever ring him and give him wat for?
  • bummer she took all the toys, but boy is toy shopping great!!
    he has told his mates about it. or so he says!
    he just tells me that he dont feel a good enough dad, bf ect.
    but if he dosnt spend any family time with us i dont know how he thinks he is gonna "fix" anything. im pretty sure he hasnt cheated though as i honestly belive( hope) he has enough respect for me not just as his gf but as a mum not to put me through the pain of finding out he been with someone else.
    3yr ago we were looking at wedding venues! how things change.
    i have just stuffed myself with lots of smoked salmon and some cheeses and a glass of red so dont feel so moany now,lol
    wed will come faster than u imagine if u stay possitive hun, and it gives u time to clear up the toys before they are all out again! xx
  • good idea, im not 2 moany today freaky teen daughter is no longer grounded and liam is at a playscheme so its just me and oliver til 3!
    and the sun is shining!
    and i managed to get me housework all done before lunchtime! ( wich is a bloody miracle)
    salmon n cheesw was lovely, so was the couple glasses wine i had with it. soooo not healthy though so wont be having it again for a while.
    8 days no choc is good though!! i got a patch on and got one of those plastic fags! not doin too bad i cut right down.

    still chasing oliver around with a box of tissues! he hates having his nose wiped so not liking mummy much today!

    take care. xx
  • oliver is feeling a bit better today, not eating much though so been on the boob a lot more!

    the sun is shining again! so im taking him to the park when i pick liam up from playscheme, we can count the vandalised swings ect,lol. xx
  • hope u enjoy the beach on fri, we r really lucky as even though we live in a busy city we have lots of green spaces
    the local park has just been revamped and im just a short journey away from other big parks that r perfect for picnics
    and im just up the road from the woods wich have a nature trail,liam is going with the rangers nxt wk ( im expecting him to come back filthy)
    i dont have a garden so its nice to have this stuff close by

    hopefully it stays sunny for the whole summer hols,i thought oliver wld grow out of his summer clothes without ever wearing em! lol. xx
  • dont know how he is doing he gone quiet again, though i did mention that ??50 he owes me,lol

    aw bless brodie, is it coz of his intolerance that choc upset his tummy?
    a few wk ago when oliver was a pain and only choc buttons seemed to work i ended up giving him the whole pack!
    his poo was white and had the smell of white choc,lol soz tmi.
    daughter is behaving now, though she has been giving me probs lately bloody teenagers!!!! liam is enjoying playscheme and hopefully learning how to cope with social situations. its gonna b his last yr in primary school so really want him to cope when he moves up,
    oliver has been a dream today even managed to go shopping center, got some lovely curtains 4 living room for a tenner! got a few odd looks from teenagers as i was bf him while a had a coffee,lol
    im glad leah is having fun being at home, its nice spending some extra time with em when they r not at school.
    hope its going ok 4 u with oh. xx
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