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I should be so happy

As I write this I am in tears, my gorgeous daughter is 18 weeks old.
Me & my husband seperated recently due to the fact he cheated (one night stand) a year ago.
Since end of August I came home to try & make a go of things, I have Lily to think about although most people think i'm mad & my family are furious with me.
Today I have found out I am pregnant - due May 2011.
My head is totally wrecked.


  • aww huge big hugs sweetie ...assuming you werent trying as you had just come back home??? im not sure what i can say to help but have you spoken to your husband about it?? what does he think?? i think you need to look at things positivly ,you have come back home to make a go of things,you obviously love him and he must still love you ,everything happens for a reason even though we sometimes dont know what the reason it ...another hug xxx
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