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how can i best surport my sister and niece ?

hi my sister phoned me last night to tell me that her husband has left her on monday night. i have told her that if she ever needs to talk are my niece wants to say the night then all she needes to do is just phone. my oh is sheing her today to help her sort out who she needs to phone to let them know what has happened ( i.e. the bank, tax credits, ect). so that my sister and niece have some protection with there finance. i know that there is nothing i can say or do to help them feel better but i feel that i should be doing more. ( please note that my niece is only 4 yo and that my sister has been with her husband for about ten years) im also worryed that my sister wont asept help from me asept help from me who she still sees as her baby sister. please any help or advice would be a great help. thanks. x.


  • I had a split with my husband a while back so I have been in your sisters position myself. At the time I had two kids 5+2. My main problem was lonliness. The kids went to bed at 7:30pm and I just sat there alone every night feeling miserable.

    It would be great for her if you could spend one evening a week with her - even just sitting watching the soaps together. Or on a good evening put the lo into a buggy and go for a walk.

    I found Saturday the worst I don't know why (my sil and I talked about this recently and she agrees) so maybe you could go shopping with her every other Saturday or something.

    She is very fortunate to have a sister like you who obviously cares about her- I have four brothers and they never helped me at all during that time.
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