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How do you no if you a good mum or not??

Im 19 and gave birth to my first child 3 weeks ago, i feel im a good mum as im a single mum it is hard but i am giving all i have to becoming the best mum i can be for her i have the love and support of my family and they are always there when i need them but some times i feel if i ask for help it makes me a bad mum that cant cope so my question is how do you no if your a good mum x


  • You don't xxx Answer is if you can put smiles on their faces and love in their hearts, then you've done it right.

    You can't fail at being a parent. To me failure is not an option!

    It doesn't make you a bad mum to ask for help! In fact it probably makes you a better mum for not pushing yourself too far like i did! (Cue the violins...!)


    PS Congratultions! Being a mum is hard enough, but being a single mummy can be even harder! I'm 20 and Harry's 18months old. I just assume i'm a good mum! Just you wait an see. All the hard work pays off xxxx
  • I think everything whalemummy says is spot on and asking for help/advice is definitely a sign you care not that you don't
    congratulations and enjoy. Being a mummy is the best job in the world
  • firstly congrats on the birth of your daughter and everything the other guys have said is right, you are a good mum by feeding, changing etc and makign your baby happy, thats all that matters, im sure your doing great! xxxxx
  • I think you are doing a great job. Being a mum is hard enough, especially on your own. I was married and 36 when I had my 1st daughter and I was terrified!!!! As whalemummy said, as long as you have happy babies, you're doing evrything right!!!

    Enjoy your new baby.

    E xx

    Take advan tage whe n people offer to help as well, you need a break too.

    E njoy the fact that you hav e people who want to help you
  • You're a good mum for asking for help and wanting the best for your daughter. Again, I agree with everything everyone else says. My son is 5 months old, he's happy and content so I assume I'm doing a good job! They soon let you know if they're not happy!! Enjoy everything xxx
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