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just been to the doctors

what a nightmare, recently ive been feeling down/monet probs etc, the same as everyone else no doubt! anyway last week i saw the hv and she asked how i was, and i was so upset, cos i realised she was prob the fist person to ask me that in months!!! so i admitted i was feeling a bit down as i was constantley covered in spots, and have been since the birth. she said (what i thought) that it was prob hormonal, and i should go and see the dr.
so i went today, he wasnt a normal practice dr, obv a locum or whatever, i wouldnt know as he didnt even have the decancy to introduce himself. i told him how i was feeling, he barely looked up from his computer, asked about my diet, which i have to admit isnt the best (but not the worst either). he basically just said, 'oh well you know your down here as being obesse to clinically obesse, i was a little shocked, but not really, i havent lost a lot of weight, but as im only 4' 10" it sounds worse that it is. he went on to say looking after a baby isnt all about now, but being around in the future for her, when she has her kids etc! so i replied like my parents werent. as both my parents died when i was young.
how dare he say that to me!! he doesnt know me or anything about me, my weight wasnt even why i was there, althought im not denying it needs sorting. he has ordered some blood tests, which he didnt explain so i dont know what for and why, and i was to shocked and upset to ask. he really made me feel like s&&t.
i went in there feeling quite good, i start my new job tomorrow, im doing something about my probs etc and came out feeling utterly down and like i wanted to run straight to the nearest chocolate shop!!!!!
im thinking of complaining to the surgery, as i believe noone has a right to make you feel like that.
sorry its long and irrelevant, but i just had to get it out.


  • Aww hun, it sounds like a very familier story with the doc! My gp can be exactly the same (not looking up from his computer etc) and you just get the feeling he couldn't give a crap!!

    It's terrible what he said to you about "looking after a baby isnt all about now, but being around in the future for her, when she has her kids etc!" Sometimes I think they just have no idea at all.

    You should be really proud that you have the courage to go for help and if you want to complain about how he made you feel, you should do it. At the end of the day these so called (highly paid) professionals are supposed to make us feel better and help us, not make us feel worse.

    Good luck in your new job and I hope things improve for you soon.

    Louise xx
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