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Both made redundant and just found out pregnant!

Hi everyone!
This is my first posting! I literally did a test about an hour ago and found out I am pregnant! We only got married in August and didnt' think it would happen this quickly, so it is a big (but happy!) suprise! I haven't even told my husband yet. I don't know what to do. He was made redundant from his job a month ago. He is trying to find a job abroad as the property market (he works in property) is so bad in the UK at the moment. He went off to Hong Kong and Dubai yesterday. So I'm all on my own in London and dont' know who to speak to - I've sent him an email asking to call ASAP, but with the time difference it won't be for a while.
I also was made redundant a week ago, but they're employing me until Christmas. I'm looking for a new job, regardless if we go abroad or not. I've pretty much been offered a job - but now I don't know what to do? Do I tell them or not? What about maternity pay?
Of course it's wonderful and I know my husband will be really happy, but the timing couldn't be worse. I feel really alone, I just want to share this with him.
Also, I didn't know I was pregnant, and have been drinking, occasionally smoking (only a social smoker). I will stop this all now, but how bad is it in your first couple of weeks to do this? Am very concerned about it.
Thanks for reading this long winded first post!


  • Thank you so much for your reply. That's really kind of you. I think you're right and will go for the job anyway and tell them at a later date. Thanks for explaining the maternity pay/allowance. Although I won't get the SMP at least I'll get the MA so not all bad.
    Just waiting for my husbands plane to land so that I can tell him! 2 hours left I think!
    And thank you for the reality check, it is a blessing and we are very lucky.
  • sorry to gc just wanted to add that oml has now been extended to 9 months!

    Sarah x
  • hi hun

    I was laid off last friday after telling my employers that I was pregnant! Great timing of course so after 3 days of job hunting and 3 interviews I've been offered a job today on a 3 month contract starting on Friday. Of course I DIDN'T tell them i'm pregnant other wise they wouldn't have taken me on!! I'll cross that bridge when I come to it because i've spent way too much stress and time worrying about it.... as long as you have worked 26 weeks out of the last 66 weeks you qualify for Maternity Allowance from the government so you will get something if you have worked this. With regards to mat pay all employers have to pay it now regardless of how long you have worked for them but of course the danger is if you are on probation like I was they can make up another reason and just get rid of you to avoid all that!!

    Anyway, good luck, as the girls on here keep telling me - things will work out in the end and we'll manage!!

  • hi girls - just somewhat change of tack - i'm sorry to hear that some of you are losing jobs etc, but should you fail to get them / keep them because you are pregnant, and this is the reason they give, it is discrimination, and you will have legal grounds to sue them! contact the CAB for more info.

    and conrats to you all!
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