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I shld be healthy 4 baby

B4 i got pregnant i was v.underweight at 7st, height 5f8, due 2 undereating 4 weightloss.. Id have a weetabix a day. I put on weight 2 become pregnant and ate properly throughout my pregnancy. Ever since the birth ive become obbsesed with weight loss again and slowly reverted bk 2 my old ways.. Just a salad a day. I want 2 be healthy so i can be the best mum 2 lo. But if i eat more, im unbearably moody with guilt that ive eaten 2 much. Please help.. When partner at work i pretend ive eaten durin day. Lo just weaning, partener eats normal meals but i insist on salad..I want 2 eat as a family soon (lo 6mths) all 2gether.. But im scared that will never happen.


  • You really need to talk to your GP asap. My sil suffers from anorexia and the way you are talking sounds just like her. I am not saying your anorexic, I am not a doc BUT if you allow this pattern of under eating to continue you are a very high risk of becoming anorexic.

    I am not trying to scare you but this is fact. Side affects of this illness are horrendous. My sil has osteoporisis (sp)- brittle bone disease which is normally found in oap's because she was malnourished. Other side effects include bowel disease, constipation, hair loss, infertility, poor memory, teeth can fall out- those are only the few I know.

    My sil is on a 'high' when she doesn't eat and is serioulsy down when she does. She has suffered for 10 years and has even been hospitalised. Thankfully now she keeps her weight more under control but she is still anorexic and battling daily with this illness.

    Please seek help because it is early days and you don't want to be ill for the sake of your daughter as well as yourself.
  • Hi i cant help but didnt want to read and run, i agree that you should see your doctor, as your child gets older she will get her eating habits from you primarily and if she see's you not eating properly she may also have a negative attitude towards food as she gets older. Do you go out for lunch with friends? maybe going out will help you learn to enjoy eating? i really dont know but i hope it gets better for you. Do you enjoy smoothies? that could be a way of getting more nutrients into your body. Your figure will benefit much more in the long run if you eat a balanced diet then if you dont eat. I also think you should tell your partner whats going on so that he can provide support for you and also understand your moods,if not your partner then perhaps a friend or relative? xxx
  • Thanks 4 the advice girls.. My folks and partner knew bout eating probs b4 pregnancy as i collapsed at work and had 2 go hosp.. I spoke 2 a phyciatrist who diagnosed me with eating disordor.. Hosp then sent copy of report 2 me and partner saw it.. Lucky at time cos it saved me from myself. Both folks and partner have noticed rapid weight loss since birth, but i shrug off their comments and say im fine, But inside it gives me a boost and spurs me on 2 lose more! I will go 2 docs.. I cant let lo pick up habits, u are rite. Thanku.. Think i needed an outside view 2 help me x
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