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am i not allowed to worry

my lo is 10 1/2months old. she is still wearing 3-6 months clothes and weighs 17 pounds 3 1/2 ounces. the 3 1/2 ounces is what she has gained in the last month. am i wrong to be worried. i dont think she eats enough and has certainly never drank enough milk. still only having 4-5 ounce bottles. anyway i think im boring my family and friends they just keep saying thats the way she is meant to be. they say she is healthy looking which she is and very active so that doesnt help. but the thing is that im her mum and im obviously going to worry. she just doesnt seem interested in food. never lets you know she is hungry i have to put the food in front of her and when i do she does eat but only because you have offered it.


  • of course ur right to worry hun have u spoken to hv n gp r they worried too?
  • no they keep saying same thing. " she looks healthy enough". they say because she still gaining weight (be it very little) there is nothing to worry about. i know she's not ill coz she is a lively little button but at 5 months we had to wean her coz she started losing weight coz not taking enough milk but not got that to fall back on. dont know if id be better cutting some of the little milk she has and subbing with a snack.
  • hey angielisa, instead of cutting back on the milk could you not give both? when mine has his mid-morning bottle i give him a snack too and the same mid-afternoon (4oz bottles and 6-7oz morning and night) he's only put on 4oz's in the last 5 weeks so am trying to give him as much as poss.!
    how much does she eat? does she have puds? i'd just try and give rice pudding, custard etc. would that work? and things like cheese om toast, fromage frais as snacks... at least thats the advice i've been given and trying at the mo. x.
  • thanks mumto2,24 you seem to be in the same boat as me. that what im intending this week. she wont take both though tried that. she has never really liked milk. weve had to fight with her since the day she was born. she ended up back in hosp 2 days after coming home coz she wouldnt take enough (was trying to bf) and she lost over a pound. the problem is she doesnt have any interest in food. you have to show her it to make her realise she is hungry. she doesnt have anything mid morning coz you cant get to take brekkie till 9.30-10am. that she eats. how much milk do you still give lo. how old is he.xx
  • i really think im just being a worry wort. i think she fine health wise just really lazy. i dont think she eats enough but she seems to get by on it. i love that she is petite and looks so cute in all her clothes but just worry about her weight.
  • thats how my family are think im sooo paranoid. think its our job to worry is it not. im sure i would worry if she was the opposite and big for age id probably worry i was overfeeding
  • try not to worry to much hun, when my daughter was 1 yr 3weeks she was 19pounds,but i didnt have to worry cause she ate like anythin never stoped lol,i think my daughter wasnt big cause she spent the first year and a half beeing sick with a reflux problem where her tube to her stomouch wasnt developed propley dew to beeing early, if your health visitor has no concern im sure your little one is fine , take care x

  • yeah iknow she is bright as a button and great in every other way. i think i need to stop worrying so much and im sure she will eat when hungry but thats easier said than
  • hey Angelisa
    I totaly understand your worry. My lo was never good with his milk and rarely ever took more than 4-5 oz on a good day! When I started weaning him at 4 months (as advised by HV) he just decided he really wasn't into milk at all then. I still gave him a morning bottle and a nightime bottle and would try to give him a drink of milk somewhere in the day but he soon dropped that one. He started to eat more then.

    I definately think some lo's are just not 'big eaters' compared to others and if the weight is still going on, even slowly, and they are not ill and have loads of energy, then they are getting exactly what they need - not to little and not to much.

    My wee boy is 2 in december and still wearing some 1-11/2 yrs clothes. Im not a huge person so I dont worry to much and I've never made an issue of how much he eats because I feel confident now that he is healthy and is taking what he needs.

    But I did worry, we're right to worry, its what mothers do to protect their children!
  • thanks megmum. thats why we had to wean lo. she started losing weight and i was told there was no other way but to get her on to solids she obviously doesnt like the milk much. i really dont know where she gets her energy from certainly not from the amount of food she
  • bless her, as long as she is having food and fluids thrue the day and is gaining waight, im sure she is fine lol. my daughter is 3 1/2 yrs old now and looks so slim and small compared to the other kids in her nursery class,people are always asking if i feed my daughter lol, but i think she could eat more then me and my boyfriend could.hopfully your daughters apitite will grow and she will put a bit more waight on and you can mabie let your self relax a little bit.

  • hey angielisa, mine is 9 months he has 6oz at 7am then breakfast, 4oz at 11am plus snack, lunch and pud at 1pm, 4oz at 3ish then tea at 5pm and bedtime bottle at 6pm (6oz)- i know that sounds good but he will only eat small portions and doesn't take his bottles half the time, i do feel like i'm always fighting to get something into him!
    also it'd be odd if you didn't worry, thats what we are there for we what the best for them at the end of the day x. you just have to keep trying x.
  • chloe's the same you lucky if i can get her to take a 4 ounce bottle. she just there to keep me on my toes.
    my mum said i was exact same and she fought with me till i was
  • its always a worry isnt it. i was like that when i was young so probabaly gets it from me. my hubby is big and his family all had big babies and i just always assumed i was going to follow soot so i think thats why i cant get my head aroung the fact that she is so petite.
  • Just wanted to say that my lola is 35 weeks today (was 10weeks early ) and weighs 14lbs.Initally i was obcessed with her weight and have her weighed weekly shes on 9 th centile.Ihave gradually learnt that she is perfectly happy and healthy and the health visitors are happy with her and try not to worry about it!She only takes 4oz of milk every 3-4 hrs because shes on neutraprem which is thick and horrible but is now on solids!which i mainly get covered in !!!so try not to worry!!!

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