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Feel guilty & a bit selfish but...

I'm really missing my 'me' time. My lo is 7 months now and it goes without saying that he is so special and I love him to bits, but I feel like I really need some time on my own. I really miss just taking up residence on the sofa with a stack of mags and big bar of choccie..or just having nothing much to do! My oh is great and will happliy take over when he gets home at 5.15 but during that time I'm still doing baby stuff like getting lo's dinner ready and running the bath etc. No here's where I feel really the moment I'm always really looking forward to his next nap. It probably doesn't help that we are in the middle of a teething nightmare, but still..

Am I a really selfish mummy? Does anyone else feel like this?


  • I absolutely know how you feel. My youngest is 4 months and i also have a 5 yo who started kinder this year and a 3 yo at home as well.

    My hubby works long hours and i'm exhausted most of the time and can't wait for him to get home from work so i can breathe.

    I'm exclusively breast feeding at the moment so i can't wait to leave the house on my own one day, lol.

    I think everyone goes through moments of weakness where you think it's all a bit too much, but it gets easier eventually.

    If you are selfish then so am i, lol.

  • In that case I'm selfish too! My lo is 3 months old and although she is wonderful and we love her dearly I still REALLY look forward to my husband coming home so I can jump into a really big bath and do nothing for an hour. Babies are really hard work and as much as they are worth it we all need a break now and again!
  • Hi im joining all you selfish mommies too!lol.Benjamin is 8mths and going through a bad teething patch!constant crying,hard to entertain and settle and to make matters worse just wont have his usual afternoon nap so i know just what you mean,no sooner have a sat down on the sofa with a cup of tea and some mags or logged onto the internet and WAAAAAAAAA!Driving me barmy lol,i dont even bother havin my tea now till hes in bed as he moans all throughout as he wants eh????no love him to bits and he is usually so good so im blaming the teeth x
  • Me too!
    Maddie is teething and I'm finding it hard, she has never done regular daytime naps and if she sleeps at all 30 mins is the max so I never have time to do anything.
    Sat hear now thinking I should do ironing but just can't be bothered as I have hit a real low, so think I will go to bed early instead and hope the ironing fairy visits!
  • Hi if the ironing fairy comes will you please send her and her friend the hoover fairy to my house cus i am not doing it tonight or prob tmrw lol...
  • Nicole I could have wrote this myself! I am exactly the same and think it's a pretty safe bet to say we are fab mummy's.

    Like you my oh is really great and does more than his fair share but I still don't stop until he is safely tucked up in bed. (Lo that is :lolimage
    Kade goes to bed at 7pm and I can honestly say I would go nuts if I didn't have the evening of pure 'baby free' time lol.

    It never fails to amaze me just how tiring (mentally & physically) being a ftm really is.
    I'm not sure if you have anyone that can take Angelo for an hour or so but if your like me, we have no-one available as family live a bit too far away to just take him whenever so I have him all the time. I sometimes find myself thinking if I could just have a couple of hours me time to just spend doing anything that doesn't involve singing songs from baby tv or changing dirty nappies. It certainly doesn't mean were selfish mummy's, it just means we are perfectly normal for craving a bit of our own time.
    I'm just glad we have this site to chat to other likeminded mums ;\)

    Speak soon, Louise xx
  • ah thank you all..I do feel a bit better now. I guess I know it's normal to feel like this but I think the last few days have really gotten on top of me..the teething issues and lack of sleep is probably not helping either.
    Unfortunately we don't have any family that can take Angelo and apart from the odd hour once a month Angelo and I are literally joined at the hip. I'm also breastfeeding and Angelo has never taken a bottle which has meant the odd times I have escaped I am clock watching the next feed. Actually my parents are staying with us for a week next month so I'm definitely going to make good use of them.

    Saralou and sillymoo, you have to take a leaf out of my book and just not iron! Just give everything a really good shake before you hang it out to dry. But yeah, I'll definitely be wanting to see that hoover fairy.

    Well, the little angel has dropped off so i'm going to put the kettle on, open the mini eggs and ignore the dust and dishes.xx
  • ironing fairy mmmm yes please and all her friends the one that hoovers the one that cleans but especially the one that walks the dog!!! i a bad mummie as well then! love my kids so much but a little time is what keeps us sane .my cousin took the baby in her buggy up to get the bigger kids from school and i walked the dog on my own on the beach it was fantastic it wasa glorious day the beach was empty and i wasn't trying to push the buggy through soggy sand!! bliss..
    fea x
  • Oh i have a fairy that walks the dog!my mum lol she comes and takes him out for me but she used to do this whilst i was at work also(we only live down the road from each other!)i feel bad though because before Baby boy came along i had another baby dog!and now i can count on my hand how many times ive taken him out for a proper walk since lo came along!!!!!!!!!!!soooooo bad!but he seems to enjoy walking by the side of the pram and not minding going out in the fields well thats what i tell myself anyway lol
  • Can I have a cat stroking fairy please! Fea, is it much much harder having more than one? Does that me zero me time? x
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