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did i hear my babys heart beat?

i went to the ER last nite to get an ultra sound to make sure the baby was healthy n i wasnt having a miscarriage, b/c i had one 2 yrs ago...any way they did a regular ultra sound n then an internal? ultra sound. the lady that did it didnt say much about anything like "hey theres ur baby!" n i was pretty disappointed, but my point is while she was doing the internal i heard a heart beat & my heart dropped. like i said the lady didnt tell me ANYTHING...but was that my heart beat or my babys? im almost 6 weeks.


  • Hi Brittany, it would most probably be yours because your los heartbeat only starts around 6 or 7 weeks and sounds very fast -some describe it like a train others like a horse running.

    Did she say everything was ok? x
  • i would say its ur heartbeat.. is everything okay with the baby? have u thought anymore on what ur going to do? did u write a letter to ur mum? hope ur okay x
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