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6 months after c-section & still not feeling 100%

Hi everyone, this is the first time I've ever written so thanks in advance for taking the time to read this.
I had a really terrible birth in April, I was supposed to be having a home birth & ended up suffering from complete placenta abruption I lost over 3litres of blood & had to have an emergency cesarean under general anaesthetic, I've been told we're both lucky to be here & thankfuly I haven't had any problems bonding with my beautiful daughter. I have had post traumatic stress as well as anxiety problems, I can pretty much function ok on a day to day basis but what is really getting me down is the fact that I still have discomfort from the operation, I feel like I am never going to feel well again, I wouldn't say I'm in pain as such it's just discomfort & sensitivity above my scar, I get twinges & the odd aches & pains but I'm always aware of the sensitive area & worrying that something is going wrong with me again, my doctor said it's just nerve damage & maybe some scar tissue but now at 6 months I thought it would be feeling better, I just want to start enjoying life again instead of feeling tired & worried all the time, I have a very active 2 year old daughter as well and just feel I'm not being the best mum I can be as I always have this irrational worry all the time. I guess I just want more reassurance that I'm ok & these feelings/sensations are nothing to worry about, I don't know anyone else who's had a c-section that I can talk to. Sorry if I've rambled & thanks again for reading this


  • hi i had an emergency section ( awake ) my wee boy is now 20mnths and due section again with this one in about 7wks i moved house 4wks after he was born and burst my stitches open bit so had infection i must say i drove out of hosp when released although they didnt see me i recovered quite quickly but although the outside looks like it may have healed for you the inside takes longer to heal im afraid as they have to cut through layers of muscle they say it can take anything from 6mnths to a year to heal internally although everyone is different if i was you id go back to gp and tell them how you feel sorry cant be of much use

    tracey x
  • hi annmarie
    sounds like you've had a rough time of it.
    i had a section and became obsessed with my bladder afterwards, convinced I would never be right again and feeling as if I was smelling of wee all the time! I suffered post natal depression and when I got treatment and began to feel better all thoughts of my bladder disappeared.
    I am not suggesting you dont have pain and discomfort from the scar but I think your anxiety is possibly making this worse in your head than it really is.
    Have you received any help for the anxiety and post traumatic stress? I hope so, but if not speak to someone who will help. Perhaps a one to one counsellor or a group of women who have suffered or are suffering the same thing. ask your gp or hv to help you find such a group. all the very best. xx
  • thank you for the replies xx megmum, I think you have a good point about it being anxiety related I know I now tend to over analyse everything now, my hv had suggested going to a group but I didn't really think it would help but what you said about your bladder obsession made me feel a bit of relief so maybe it could help after all, thanks again x
  • Hi annmarie,

    I also had my baby in april, i persoally dont use the term "gave birth to" because i dont feel as though i did. She is six months next week. I have struggled emotionally since she was born and although i feel alot better now, i still dont feel myself. Recently i have experienced a funny sensation when i sometimes lift my baby and occasionally i get a pain in my scar which feels like a pulling pain. I too though i would be ok now, but i think it will take me alot longer to return to my full self. i told the health visitor how i feel and she didnt seem concerned but i am going to go to my GP about the pain even though i know he will say its normal but i just want to be sure. I think that i would hae benefited from seeing a councellor about the birth but there was no support emotionally (well i got little support at all if i am honest). Knowing i am not alone reassures me somewhat in knowing that this is normal for women in these circumstances.

  • Hi Linzi,thank you for your reply, I so understand about the not feeling like you gave birth, x sorry you've been struggling as well, but yes it is true it does help knowing there are other people going through the same experiences, I hope seeing your GP helps, I seem to have 2 minds battling with each other when I get those sensations around my scar, the rational one says it's 6 months now, everthing is healed it's just nerves knitting back & scar tissue, the irrational one makes me think somethings going to go wrong inside me again which I'm out of control of & that's when the anxiety kicks in, I guess it's just a case of needing more time to get over what happened physically & mentally, please let me know what your GP says, take care
    Ann-Marie xxx
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