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stopping breastfeeding

Hello girlies. My LO is 6 months and i want to stop breastfeeding her but she will not take breast milk or formula milk from a cup (or a bottle). Any ideas? I have started weaning her and with her food she is happy to have juice or water from a sippy cup but knows immediately when i try and sneak milk in to the cup and wont even open her mouth. Am really struggling as now and would like my boobs back! any advice greatly appreciated.


  • hi hun, i had difficulty with this, my lo will have juice/water from cup but will only have formula from early years breast flow bottle, it works like a breast apparently, after trying many bottles/ cups this was the only one he wld take formula from, i guess its just trial and error with different cups and teats, good luck. xx
  • Im still feeding,but prob when shes around 1yr I would like mine back too,so actually I would like to hear some tips on how to go about this as my lo will only take camomile tea from a trainer beaker so I was thinking d other day,this is gunna be hard!
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