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need some advice... please help!

hi all...

i need some advice from you!

iv been with my OH for a year and our baby is due in september. Even before i got pregnant my OH has never really been the one who instigates things sexually... its usually me and iv tried to speak to him about it but he just says theres no reason for it.

I didnt think much of it until a few months into the pregnancy i found some pics of women on the laptop... i asked him about them and he said they were from some website he had been looking at them and that he hadnt kept them intentonally and that he wouldnt look again. After an argument, i left it thinking it was just a stupid mistake on his part.

Anyway the other day i noticed he had a secret email address... after looking in this email address (wrong of me i know i shouldnt have) i found some emails he had been sending to women and these women had emailed him back with pics of themselves. The pics werent rude, they were just pics. But i cant understand why he would want to see pics of other women. I confronted him and he said that he was just been stupid and apologised and he swore that he hasnt cheated. but i cant get my head round the reasons for it when we have a baby on the way!

sorry for the long post... just needed to speak to someone!

Jess XX


  • Thanks... i appreciate the reply.

    going to talk to him tonight and let him know how im feeling because at the moment i dont feel like i can trust him!
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