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Really need your advice

Hi, I have a friend who recently told me that she is pregnant and going by her dates she was roughly 8 - 12 weeks. She then went to a doctor who confirmed that she was pregnant but she was actually 16-20 weeks and she then booked my friend in for a scan 2 days later. On the friday she went for her scan and was told that she had sadly m/c, but they could also see signs of an early pregnancy and they decided not to do a d&c just incase she was pregnant again and have booked her in for another scan on this friday. Has anyone else heard of this happening before?
She keeps calling me for support and i don't know what to say to her.
thanks for reading



  • Hi Hayley - I know a couple of pg women in our family that have been pg with twins and lost one as at the scan they had one empty sack - is there any chance that could be what happened as apparently thats quite common!
    Hope this helps - sorry to hear about your friend and I hope she gets some answers soon! I think you just being there for her will be the biggest help even if you don't have any real advice...
    Love M
  • hi, thanks for the reply, i think she did ask the mw this at the scan and they told her it wasnt likely that it was twins, hopefully she will get some answers tomorrow and she'll no whats happening. all i really wanna do is give her a hug and tell her that it'll be ok, but as she lives 250 miles away all we've got is long phone calls.
  • I know how you feel - my best friend moved to Spain in January and I miss her like mad!!!! Whenever anything goes wrong we call each other and there's nothing we can do to help but listen! I want her to come home but only for selfish reasons - I want her to be happy! I went mental when she left - have got used to it now!!! Still it would be nice to have her around!!!!
    I hope your friend gets some answers tomorrow! It's frustrating for you too I can imagine, so If you need to chat or let off steam thats fine too - I'll be kicking about!
  • Thanks for that. will let you know how she gets on tomorrow. hopefully she will get some clear answers and whatever the outcome i hope her partner supports her. thanks for listening
  • No Probs! I seem to be kicking around here quite a bit lately - the joys of ttc!!!
    Catch ya tomorrow!
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