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help with stress and other things

Just though this useful link to a web site might help people who are having a difficult time with stress or feeling down.

My wife and I have used some of the programs and found them very helpful. My wife had to have an emergency section and was not to good after the birth of Sam, it all seamed so easy with the other two children but this time!!! Probably the 13 year gap in between that did it.

They are not only for treating stress and depression but help to prevent it happening.

I found it through a charity called the mental health foundation ( when we were in need of help and didnt know where to turn to.

This is the first time I have posted on here but have enjoyed reading about other peoples tips so thought I should try and help others



  • Thanks John, and welcome to the site. It's always good to have some more men on here too for there opinion!!!
  • Hi John. Thank you so much for taking the time to post these details on here for everyone. Doctors and medical professionals are all in agreement that the single most reason for couples not conceiving it stress!!! I know from personal experience that it must have been that reason that hindered me as i fell pregnant last time after 10 months of trying following the most relaxing two weeks abroad in France! I, for one, shall definitely be visiting that site and passing it on to others both on here and also at work. Very best wishes to both you, your wife and your lovely family. bluebird xxxx
  • Thanks to both of you for replying so soon.

    Think i will avoid France this year then! :lol:Only joking

    With a 16 year old taking his exams, a 14 year old thinking about her options and sam (18 months) adding his pennies worth we need a holiday.

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