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hurt and upset

hi, im feeling really upset and low coz i asked my oh why he has been avoding me in the bedroom department ( if you know what i mean). anyway he says to me "sorry i just dont find preganant women attractive". to this i said" im not talking about preganant women im talking about us" and all my oh half could do was just look away. i asked him if this is going to be like this for the next 4 months , he just looked away again and said " sorry i didnt want to upset you" and he then walked off to mess about on his laptop. i know that im proberly being silly but what he said has really upset me.( by the way we already have a daughter so i dont understand why he is being like this with our second preganacy). again i know im proberly being silly but i just feel like he would rather be with his mates then me(ie he went out with his mates 3 times last week and going out agin 3 times this week). sorry i just feel like i cant talk to anyone about this. x.


  • aw hun, i think u need to sit oh down and talk this through.
    there is no point to him avoiding u as this aint gonna go away and the longer its left without talking about it the harder it will be, and he really needs to be spending time with u and ur daughter over nights out with mates! 3x a week is a bit much hun.
    sorry im not much help, hope things get better soon. xx
  • poor you!! what a sod!
    remind him that you are only pregnant for a wee while and when baby is born you'll be back to normal, but that he will still be the same prat he is now! No offence, im sure he's lovely but he really needs to grow up. xx
  • Hi Faeriestar well heres my story i havent had sex with hubby since january! he is scared of something going wrong with baby im 3 days overdue and he wont even try sex to bring on labour ive talked to him about it as i did want sex in 2nd trimester but he is a worry wort so i let it go and hope to get back to normal soonish after baby arrives so maybe your oh is worried about things going wrong maybe try talking to him again but going out with mates 3 times a wk is out of order i hope it works out for you.
    take care
  • hi ladys, thanks for your kind words and surport. had a little chat with my oh and he said that he is not comfortable about having sex coz hes worryed about something going wrong.(which i can understand coz i had a bad bleed at 13 weeks). i told him how i felt bout him going out so much and he has made more of an effort when he has been home. but from the sounds of what he said his fear of being controled kicked in ( he has had some extreamly controling and violent past girlfriends in the past). so again i can sort of understand his reasons but i have told him how this has been upsetting me and that he needs to deal with this. so hopefully he'll start being himself again. thanks again for you surport x.
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