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Weird period!

This is my 1st time asking a qs. Ihad my baby on the 24th april 07, my period was quiet light after my c-section and lasted a week after that it went to a slimey yellowish stuff like jelly! Then 4wks after birth i had a normal period what was really heavy and now thats finished im back to haveing the yelloish slimey stuff whats sometimes a pinky colour. Has anyone had this problem or knows what it is or if its normal? I cant wait to wear a thong lol and not have to wear panty liners day in day. Thanx 4 reading


  • Hi Donna Lou! My Mum had 4 c-sections and had an infection after one of my brothers, although she had pains in her stomach and funny discharge. Do you think it could be an infection? She only needed antibiotics to clear it up. Maybe ring your GP. J x
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