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prolapsed bladder?

Hi i dont really want to go into too much embarassing detail but figure we are all ladies and maybe some of you have been there and can help?
I had my lo 13mths ago and have never really felt right there,the last few weeks ive had some discomfort.almost like thrush but without the discharge,i have had a sti check to be sure and it came back neg(i got it online!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)anyway i examined myself in the mirror the other day because i just feel sore inside and i noticed a lump that wasnt there before sort of dropped down into my isnt really sore as such just i feel uncomfortable in that area but i know it wasnt there before!!!!!!!!!!!
Im making an opointment with the Docs on Mon but just wondering if anyone can help in the meantime...i just look disfigured now and i hate it,feel bloody huge anyway since lo was born and now this!!!!!!!!!!!!!seems to never end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for reading,god the things we have to endure huh?


  • I'm a registered nurse and this sound a bit like a prolapse. Could be the bladder or uterous. I think it's best to go to the dictor like you already have planned. This is normally quite easy to fix and can sometimes invovlve a minor op - DON'T PANIC, these are now quite rountine.

    Normally with a prolapse bladder you will have had a bit of muscle weakness with your bladder and needing to urinate more frequently or had problems with 'dribbling' when laughing or coughing.

    I know you didn't want to go into too much detail and completely understand this.

    I hope this has been a help

    Good Luck
  • Hi,

    I have just read your post.

    Did you go to the doctors and what was the outcome?

    I went to the doctors last week as have been experiencing the same problems and they said my bladder had prolapsed.

    I have got to see a specialist next week and they will have a further check and let me know what they will do to correct it.

    There was talk of a pessary ring.

    I hear it's actually quite common but not many of us chat about it or seek advise yet it is easily repaired.

    I'm looking forward to getting it sorted, it' killing my sex life :lol: we were just getting things back on track after my son was born and this happens. They said it shouldn't stop me still hving sex but to be honest its ot comfortable at all so I'd rather wait until all is corrected and then make up for lost time ;\)

    Leila x

  • tbh, dr's are reluctant to do anything until you have finished your family, so if it is a prolapse, your vaginal wall has weakened (at the front your bladder prolapses in, at the back your rectum has prolapsed in). this can happen due to either pregnancy or delivery (or labour), but if you are going to go through it all again, they wouldnt want to repair it now, to probably re-do it again in future!!

    there are 2 ways of doing it too- one is through your vagina, the other is "lifting" it up from inside the abdomen which means abdominal surgery. the aim with any surgery is to do the minimal trauma to you, but it would depend on how bad / where etc

    it is possible, but unusual for the uterus to prolapse down - you would actually see your cervix first, as this is the bottom part of your uterus. it looks a bit like a donot without the actual hole - bit of a dimple really, and quite red. you would prob have quite a bit of pain with this too.

    however, sometimes you can just get large cysts in your vagina - not cancerous or anything like that, but they can be quite large!! these often need a quick nick to drain them, then antibiotics.
  • hi there. i have a prolapsed bladder. i have 5 kids and it happened 3 weeks after i had my 2nd baby 8 years ago. i moved something heavy at 3 weeks after having my baby and i felt a pop, i went to the loo and felt a bulging lump there. sorry if tmi. i was worried straight away and thought i wouldn't beable to have any more kids. i saw a doctor and had physio. they said they wouldn't repair it until i had decided that my family was complete. i went on to have 3 other babies normally and had no probs. but after having my babies it felt heavy and slowly went back. but it will never go back completely unless i have the operation. it is worse now after having 4 other kids. and i do get some degree of incomtinence and leakage. it doesn't really affect my sex life as such but does restrict how we do it. sorry again if tmi. i think i have finished having my family now as have 5 kids, but i am not making a decision yet when to have to op. i know i'll have to eventually as it is getting worse. hope this helps. if you want to talk about it at all email me through BE and will be happy to answer any questions you have. xx
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