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Self infliction...

Sorry... i was a bit embarrassed so i got a new log in to ask this...

I was just wondering if there are any other mommys out there who self harm?

I've been self harming since i was 11 and have had various different methods of help but nothing seems to work.

Its not overly 'bad' - just superficial but its happening on a more regular basis than in a long time and now my son has caught me doing it. He's only little so its unlikely that he'll remember or be affected by it but its given me a real kick up the backside to stop.

Has anyone elses kids seen/been affected by it ? how did you cope? xxx



  • dont be embarassed! i have self harmed since i was 13/14
    i havent done it since the day i found out i was pregnant (i keep telling myself its important im alive, even though i dont really feel it)

    i know its a tough issue....only those who self harm others i completely understand why its hard to understand why someone can hurt themselves but to me it makes me feel better, i have no idea why, it just does. like i said i havent self harmed in 21 months and i hope to keep it that way. i do have pnd and do have days where i just want to cut and not stop.

    sorry im not much help xx
  • Hi, I too have been a self harmer since I was young - and I've been doing it for 16 years now, so I can truly understand how you feel, although I don't have children yet (am 7wks).

    I don't have any advice or experience to help with your little one seeing you, but don't feel embarrased or alone about this, you always have us here to chat to.

    I wish you all the luck, and hope that you can succeed in stopping or cutting down (so to speak!).


  • I did this when I was younger because I was so depressed. You really need to talk to someone about this and get some help.....

    You have your kids to think about too - they shouldn't be seeing this at any age. There are obviously some personal issues you need to talk to someone about to 'release' your problems verbally rather than the 'pain release' that cutting yourself provides.

    I have been left with scars from all those years ago only physical though because I finally sort help. I'm 8 weeks and haven't self harmed for 8 years now.....

    Good luck xx

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