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feel like running away

im in a bind preg at mo but its my oh and dd(15/16) that ere causing me so much stress. first of all dd is just a pig full stop and i cant complain to oh even about simple things as he flies off the handle and gives out to me. he does not want to deal with her at all every reaction has to be extreme. there is no support there. i have a 9 and 7 yr old and im sooooooo sick of them growing up listening to what should be a mild teen argument blow up into a war. what it says to me is from my oh point you gonna get punished for annoying me with teen stuff. i feel very alone and my heart still in my boots cause the teen was winding me up and i called her wierd and wished i never had her. i am so dissapointed with everything and i waited nearly eight years to have my last thought it would be a special time but betweeen my oh and teen i feel like taking the other two and telling them both to clear the hell off.:cry:


  • u definately need a break hun,
    15/16 is a difficult age isnt it, not a child but not quite a grown up (my dd is a pain)
    i would call a family meeting where everyone gets a turn to speak and evryone has the chance to be heard, once everyone knows how their behaviour is making u feel they may change. xxx
  • thanx ladies i got through to hubby he really a nice man but as a teacher he sees this age every day and he says it hurts to see his own being brat but has stepped up and will not overreact anymore. i talked to madam but ive decided to concentrate on peace and harmony for me and other two im not going to react to sulks it not healthy. she still doesnt get it but whats the point in fighting as everyone else is hurting. im going to be clever bout this and not waer my heart on my sleeve.
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