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Sounds bad

Sounds bad but i've had enough and just want this bundle out, i'm due 14th feb so a few days but just can't see this coming to an end. sorry to be so bloody grumpy. Me and hubby tried for over two years to get pregnant and i was so happy. Hubby still carry's on with normal life and i can't. Sorry to be such a grump, is this just me or are there other crazy woman like me. Sorry to ramble on, just really needed a long moan.


  • I'm due on the 25th and like you although terribly happy and excited am fed up with the pregnancy probs. Everyone keeps saying "not long to go" and "baby will come when ready" but they aren't struggling with piles and tiredness !!! Good luck..........
  • I know this probably won't help but try to take a different look on it....Think that as soon as baby arrives you're going to be so busy, so take a deep breath, buy your fave magazines, stock up on creme eggs and just lay down on the sofa and do ABSOLUTLY NOTHING til the time comes! Burn some essential oils too if that helps. Let the housework pile up, OH or one of the many visitors can do that for you....Enjoy yourself!! oh and p.s. if you have children, phone all the do-gooders who have been constantly offering help (but not actually done anything) and let them take them for a night or two! xxx
  • hi girls having been in your position twice with 2 grown up kids i know what you oh how id love to be in your shoes right all you can do is take claires good advice im sure it wont be long now. im so excited for you both. wishing you all the very best and happiness for the future. takecare of yourselves. becky xx
  • hello i know exactly how u feel! i was due on the 30th of jan but for about 6 weeks b4 then i was so fed up, really teary, n took it out on my partner, luckily for us our little girl came along 8days early, but beieve me if i wud of had to have waited then i wud she was so worth it, its not long 4 u now, hope all goes wel xx :\)
  • Thanks peeps for advice really sweet of you. Im having a good day today so hopefully i won't be so grumpy for a while poor hubby lol. I think because they kept changing my dates around in my head i thought the baby would be here now as to begin with i was due middle of january. The thought that i could go another to weeks is driving me mad but you guys have remided me again it took me over 2 years to get here so 2 weeks ain't long. Just fed up with all pergnancy niggles. But just want to say a big thanks to you all, you have been great support hope i can do the same back in return :\)
  • hi mrs, wot news your end? i am guessing you have had your baby now although i was two weeks late with mine image There, bet that has cheered you up if you havent had it yet!!!!! Please do let us know what you had, how much they wieghed etc or just come on and grump some more because the little divil still isnt here yet!!!! lol. love and kisses, bluebird xxxx
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