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feeling fed up

Hi ,im just feeling low at the moment as having a baby isnt how i thought it would be. She is 3 months now but doesnt sleep at all during the day and not very well at night. I just feel like i want my old life back but then i feel guilty as i know there are loads of people who would love to be in my position. I have a nice house i dont have to work, my partner is fairly supportive. I dont think its pnd. Was just wondering if anyone else felt this way as everyone i try to talk to just says things like its worth it though and much as i love her im thinking is it ? i feel awful because im supposed to be happy. Please tell me its not just meimage


  • I would not discount pnd and would say it is worth discussing with your gp or hv.

    Don't feel guilty as long as you love and care for her is the main thing.
    I found things very difficult to begin with and didn't really bond very well with my lo until about 3 months and didn't really get to the point where things clicked into place until she was 6 months.
    She was also a very bad sleeper but now sleeps fairly well at night, still not great in the day but you do adapt.
    Having a baby is a huge shock and no matter how much you think you are prepared you are not until they arrive, I had planned to keep lo with me whilst working from home, that was just laughable, every time i went to do something she would wake up.
    All I can tell you is it has got so much better as time has gone on and even though life will never be as it used to be you discover a new life and get where no matter how tired you are you wouldn't change it - I know everyone says it but it did happen to me it just took more time and i am sure you will get there too.

    Don't be afraid to ask for help, get oh to take lo for an hour and have a long soak in the bath or arrange an evening with friends, I would see your gp or hv anyway as they may be able to help.
    Hope things get better soon!
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