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need some reassurance

Hi I'm new on here and was hoping someone might be able to put my mind a bit at ease. I'm 35 and would really love children one day. Unfortunately the man i thought it would happen with left me last year for someone else after being together for 7 years and really since then it has been on my mind that I may never have kids because i just might not meet the right person at an age when i can have them. My fears are mostly from the media as everywhere i look there seems to be an article written about how after 35 your chances of getting pregnant are very slim etc. and i'm just feeling quite down about the whole thing. I feel like everyone i know has had children now and i've been saying congratulations to other people for years and years. I'm not desperate to have a baby right now but it would be reassuring to feel that it may happen one day....
Any positive response will be hugely appreciated!


  • Of course it could happen, there are lots of stories of older mums having babies! Honestly, try not to put too much pressure on yourself, I know it's difficult, I felt that time bomb ticking for years until we plucked up the courage to try. It was only then that I could hear it going tick-tock loudly every hour of every day, I was so certain that it wouldn't happen because everything I'd read was so negative.

    I do have to say though, that if it is something that you want and know that for 100%, you may want to look at doing something about it now. Not sure what the answer is, maybe get your fertility levels checked, eggs preserved (if that's even possible) because there is no certainty it will happen for you, as is the case for every woman.

    My story in brief - I was 36 when we decided to ttc, we fell pregnant in our third month of trying and our LO is now 14 weeks old, born when I was 37 years and 6 months old!

    Wishing you lots of luck with whatever way your life takes you xx
  • I was a few weeks short of 39 when I conceived with my first. My OH was 42.

    I'm 30 weeks now and so far fingers crossed have had a pretty easy pregnancy, very little sickness, not too tired, no real problems.

    I fell pregnant in 2 months.

    My sister was 39 when she had her first and 43 when she had her second, again with no problems.

    The only thing that I would say is that both my sister and I have a reasonably healthy lifestyle and are a healthy weight. Don't know how much this matters but I doubt its going to harm things.

  • Hi Betsy, I know exactly how you feel! I was 35 when i met my DH and at a time when I had resigned myself to the fact that I would probably be single for ever and would never have kids, then out of the blue I met the most amazing man who has turned out to be a perfect husband and I know will be a great dad. I was 38 when we got married and am now 39 and expecting our first baby. I took us 7 month TTC but was my first month using a CBFM, so I will definatly be using that when we decide to try for No 2!
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