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I'm new and need some advice

Hi All,

I'm a mum to 5 month old Lola-Lee and I'm 23. Me and her father are together and things are great...apart from one thing. My mood swings are completely terrible...I shout, swear and cry at nothing. I had my assesment with my health visitor but the questionnaire said I didn't have postnatal depression so I don't know what's going on.
I love my daughter and partner to bits, but I can't control my anger towards my other half... I moan when he goes out and then moan if he comes in 10 minutes late and I used to be so laid back. He doesnt deliberately do it, but when I'm annoyed I just have to speak my mind because if I don't I'll explode.
I'm not finding it too hard with my baby,it's just the sleepness night's I'm struggling with... do you think this could be the problem?
I also find I can sometimes feel very resentful of his mother because I live in Wales with him and I am originally from Bristol. The family I have contact with are there and I very rarely see them. She doesn't interfere, I just feel like I want her to go away sometimes.....

I'm ssssoooo confused...Please help!

Any advice would be great. I don't have my Mum anymore so some advice from someone who's been there and done it would be really good.....



  • Hi babe and welcome to full time mums.

    No advice as such but I do understand what your going through
    After each of my three kids I turned into a MONSTER!!
    I used to argue over nothing, moan about everything almost just to make a row start. It was a very difficult time and even now I still dont know why it happens other than bloody hormones!!. My mum and I arnt exactly close and it was my grandma who suggested the hormone thing and basicaly the advice she gave me was this: Eat well, settle your lo, think about your own needs and what you would like to do.......In my case it was to have a hug with hubby with it turning into a row lol!!!!!
    She said get out of the house even if its popping to the post box but make yourself walk away to calm down. Theres no need to argue as its most likely to be over nothing..............and how right she was. I am so thankful that I went for a walk at those times because it made me want to go home and be happy even when things seem hugely dissapointing.
    Feeling so alone is something I also understand as I havent had any family near me for nearly three years and it is bloody hard. It does seem a little better now my hormones are back to normal(well until next year at least!!lol!!!)
    mother in laws are a nightmare at the best of times but dont worry Im sure she will be there if you need her just ask and she might suprise you and understand what your going through.(most women do)She may be able to help.
    Things will settle down, your oh may not completely understand why your like this but do explain to him if you havent already.I didnt and it took along time after my first child was born to get close again after all the rows and actually talk.
    Listen babe, I wish you all the best and Im here most days if you want to chat/moan or cry. Email at bottom if you'd prefer.
    Sending you big hugs
  • Hi there,

    just wanted to say, ur not alone hun. I would suggest popping along to see ur gp may very well not b pnd but u are low and sometimes even a simple chat with someone can help. As babs3 says too, i'm always around if u wanna chat plus u can use my email button to contact me

  • hey hun, just wanted to say when i had my lil one i felt the same as you i could just cry for no reason didnt feel like eating was basically really low.
    i realised the cause of me being like it was sleepless nights as i was up every 2 hours with my lil man, i did all the night feeds as my hubby had 2 work and didnt think it was fair to make him get up in the night.
    once my lil man started sleeping better at night and i was getting sleep i felt so much betta, i also started geting out more which i couldnt do at first as i had a c-section and found being around friends,having someone to talk to really helped.
    hope this is some kind of helpxx
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