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kids started going on the internet...

If there are parents out there worried about the kids on the internet, we need to talk. We also need to find safe sites for the kids. I have come across some strange game sites for'd be surprised to hear half of the sites that kids have access too. So if anyone knows any safe websites for kids..please help! I am also doing some research and  if anyone is interested i'll keep you posted. Take care image


  • I have young kids 3 and 6 and only really let them go on c-beebies!
  • My sister recommended webkinz, apparently that is very popular in the states. I haven't heard of them before, but she said the website is safe and kids love it.
  • Has anyone heard of webkinz or neopets? Are those popular with the 7 year olds or is a website like nick jr. a  better bet?
  • Hey everyone,

    Just wanted to give you a quick update. I have looked into webkinz, even went out and got the toy for my goddaughter. She loves it. If you are looking for safe websites, this is the one. Their chats are also monitored and the kids cannot type freely on chat logs. They are apprently supposed to pick from a list of words. So you can rest assured that the kids are safe. Also, if anyone is worried about children surfing, you should get a program which you install into the computer and give the kids access only to sites you approve! Therefore, you won't have to keep checking up on them. Well hope this helps =) 

  • Thank you for that.

    The internet is a scary place. I have my computer downstairs in the kitchen area so I can see exactly what's going on. As my two are only 5 and 2 and a half cbeebies is there limit, but we have games on the computer they go on. As they get older, at least I know I can keep one eye on them while cooking the tea!!

    How are you getting on?


  • My son is five and uses the cbeebies site or nick jnr.  Its something we do together and we have fun!  I do limit the time on it though, like with tv he is only allowed one a hour a day and that is a choice between both not both on the same night!  We know ourselves how addictive it can be!

    I saw an ad on the tiny pops channel though for a website where you can down load bedroom tidying charts and things like that to print out and use and it gives you a list of rewards for your child to work towards so I might try that one next!  I think the internet is ok for kids as long as its always supervised but c.d roms are still great to use!

  • I'm doing well Zoe, thanks for asking. Kids are adoreable at that age, I was completely shocked when the six year old wanted to go on the internet and she knew exactly what she was looking for. I even attempted to type for her but she was convinced that she was doing fine typing with her two little fingers. I thought the kids would be safe as long as they're indoors but I guess it doesn't work like that anymore. What you are doing is smart Zoe. The problem is that in our home, the computers are upstairs in the study and if i'm in the kitchen I have no way of knowing what the kids are doing upstairs.

    Sarahe-- I wish I could use the bedroom tidying charts for the older kid! The young one actually listens when I ask her to clean the room. And I believe Webkinz has the same thing, they can print reports such as their resume and online report cards from their webkinz school. These websites are quiet amuzing aren't they?

  • I'm glad it's going well for you.


  • thanks zoe image

    Also regarding the internet, my nephew is 14 and he has been caught plagerizing but he is not embarrased in any way. He claims it is his original work even after the teacher presented the original copy of the paper. How can we prevent someone from plagiarizing?  

  • I don't know how we can actually prevent someone from plagiarizing because these days you can find pretty much anything on the net. I too am a very protected mother and i am very aware of the sites my kids go on, my son is 7 and he loves playing on webkinz as well. We just recently joined nickjr and its great. Its nice that there are sites that are safe yet educational for our kids to learn while having fun. Its so sad to know that there are so many prediators on the internet.
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