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poorly dog

Hi there mums, after weeks of illness, it doesn't look good for our 12 yr old dog.

I need advice on preparing our two little girls for the sad day we expect in the next few weeks.

Should I include them in it or tell them after??? It's very very sad, and they are very close to him, they're only 3 and


  • Aw Wendy,firstly I'm so sorry to hear the sad news x

    I personally wouldn't lie,maybe tell them a little before,talk about how lucky the dog is that it won't suffer peaceful it will be. Or if that's too upsetting(in this house that brings on another 20 questions)  maybe have a similar sort of chat after the event.

    Once again so sorry for you x x Hope it all goes peacefully x Rach

  • Sorry to hear that,Wendy,that's sad.

    I agree with Mummabear,you have to talk to them about what's happening.They probably know your dog's been ill,I imagine in pain.Explain that you've taken the dog to the vet,and the vet hasn't got any medicine to make him better as he's very old now,and very tired,and hurting a lot,so he'll give him some medicine to make him go to sleep now and he won't be coming home.

    I think at 3 and 5 your little girls will understand that.I expect they'll have questions.What you want to do about the do dogs go to heaven idea is up to you.

    When my Mum's dog was put to sleep,she went in her basket,with her blanket and toys.As an adult my Mum found that comforting.Maybe that would help your girls see it as peaceful,sleeping. 

  • awww thanx guys...

    I have had "the chat" with the girls now as unfortunately the cat was run over yesterday :0( so thier first pet loss was not how I was planning it at all...

    Fortunately, the vet seems hopeful he can help Jack (the dog) to recover and live a semi-ok life for another couple of years with new meds... so fingers crossed. 

    Thanx again for the advice ladies, it's always a comfort to get someones else's point of view...


  • Aw Wendy bless you sweetie,what a horrible thing x x Hope the girls are ok with the other sad news. Good news about your dog though! Bless him,hope his new meds suit him and he has a new puppy lease of life x x
  • Sorry for the cat,Wendy.

    Glad you have some more time with your dog,though.

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