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How to do bedtime stories

Hi there
This might sounds silly but I'd welcome any help about the best way to do bedtime stories for my 2 and 4 year old.

I've tried doing them separately, in which case one usually gets up and runs around while the other is having their story (or comes and interrupts). The nice thing about that though is that they can have stories that are good for their age, and really talk about them.

Or at the moment we have stories together, which keeps both children calm, but the stories have to be a bit basic.

What do you do?
thanks in advance, H


  • I let them choose a book each.I read both to both of them.They're welcome to look at their own book while the other's choice is being read,but not to interrupt and spoil it for the other,or we won't read theirs.Most of the time both listen to both.We've got loads of books both like.
  • I should try that, shouldn't I. It sounds as if you're very good at setting rules and sticking to them!


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