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Baby two weeks and he is looking at another woman...

please advise. I had my gorgeous baby daughter two weeks ago. WE had a couple of dodgy days but after that it felt like we were falling in love again. We were really close, enough so he was not going without his much needed lovings. So i felt good about myself, like he still fancied me. I have had quite a bit of pain inside but he has insisted on me going out for walks and stuff like that. Progressively I have felt worse and worse. On sat we went out with the three children, i felt quite well and so happy walkng along with him and the baby in the pram. We stopped at a local fair and whilst there we stopped for a drink by a tent, there were lots of local people around. Me still feeling very proud. He seemed quite consious so i watched him and he was looking at this young girl in her twenties, i looked at her and it was obvious she was looking back at him. She is gorgeous, slim, pretty and blonde. He was so smitten. I wanted the ground to open up, he knew i had seen him, she knew and i knew. I could feel my face getting redder and redder. We had only just arrived and i so badly wanted to leave, but i couldnt bare to stand up and walk away for fear of being looked at, i felt so ugly, fat and ashamed. For it all to change in a flash like that shocked me. Chatted to my friend yesterday who is also friends with this young girl, she even noticed him looking at her, she also noticed my upset. When i spoke to him about it he said it was me and in my imagination and he was looking at the fat woman lol which i knew was rubbush. I have slept d s since, he has been pretty nasty with words, calling me a mess, telling me im making more of it. I understand im not a spring chick, but iv just had a baby im im devastated. Please help me to win back his love and effection. Thanks


  • Aaaahhh hub. Feel for you. Men are d*cks. Mine's the same and thinks it's funny. They really don't understand how insecure having a baby makes us feel. Don't have any advice but didn't want to r&r. Makes me really angry! xxx You shouldn't have to try and win his love and affection though.
  • Try to focus on yourself and your children for the time being, your still recovering from the birth of your most recent baby and your hormones/emotions will be out of whack for some time yet. Take the time you need, you're not being selfish you're being sensible in looking after yourself, don't be pushed into anyhting you're not happy with. Finally talk to your OH about what he'd feel like if he saw you eyeing up the local lads whilst out and about with him and the children (sometimes the only way to get their attention/consideration is to turn the tables). Best wishes and hope things improve soon.
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