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not sure where to post...

I know only a pregnancy test can tell me really, and am probably panicking for nothing, but i have a 15 week old exclusively BF baby. I havent been on contraception since he was born but 2/3 weeks ago i did have sex once. At the time LO was BF hourly in the day but going 12 hours at night. Technically the contraceptive benefits of BF should still have been working feeding so much in the day? I know they will have reduced with his long sleeps at night and have been very stupid. But did not get pregnant that easily with LO, am not having periods, and was BF so frequently in the day. Just didnt see the need to be taking hormones that could go through to LO in my milk when was not having sex frequently and probably have some cover from BF.

Yesterday i had some spotting vaginally on wiping (pinky red) i thought my first period was starting, which scared me as its only 2/3 weeks since i had unprotected sex so it would have been close to when i ovulated if this was a period. However, its gone away and hasnt turned into anything.

My OH is not convinced he ever wants another LO, he loves our DS but has found the whole thing a shock. We live in a tiny house and need more room and, although we've come together in becoming parents and things are going well we had a lot of problems in our relationship when i was pregnant. I could not imagine breaking it to OH, family, boss etc if ive been stupid enough to let this happen again so soon.

I otherwise feel fine, but i did when pregnant with DS. I know the answer is to test but im too scared to and dont want to humour the little voice at the back of my mind - its so unlikely im pg im probably being silly. I may not have a period for months with BF though! Just wanted to vent really x


  • As far as I know bf isn't a reliable form of contraception and know a few women who fell pg while bfing.

    Like u said hun the only way to find out is to test least then ul know and u can take it from there and decide what to do from there.

    I'm sure everything will work out ok

    X x
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