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lazy OH

Oh sorry Hun just read first half of message. I def would not consider moving. if it comes to breaking up you will need your family close to help you so whatever you do don't move. It will only encourage him to go out with his maTes more. It sounds like its going to come to a head. I think I would be reconsidering my legal and financial position in relation to your home and Lo. Citizens advice is a good place to start. It's always good to know where you stand. If he treats you with such little respect when you do pretty much everything I don't think anyone can live like that forever. I would still try talking to him but make it clear if you and Lo are not making him happy he knows where the door is also. I hope you feel better soon, Xx


  • I hope your ok. I know you say things arnt so bad and you can manage but everyone deserves a little happiness. Everyone goes through rough patchs so I hope that this is all this is and oh improves soon for you . Plenty of shoulders here just to have a little cry on x
  • Just wanted to offer some support Alfie, I see you on here so often as our little boys are about the same age. Don't really know what to say, but I hope he starts to buck his ideas up soon.

    Love and hugs


  • ah thanks ladies, your really kind image don't know if im just a bit of a drama queen, but same old stuff comes up all the time. we do make each other laugh and we do like doing the same things (although there's hardly any opportunity to do them now). I wont say theres nothing positive at all :/ we made a really cute baby lol x

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