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In law problems

I have been with my husband for 10 years married for 5. Background is OH mum and dad are half Italian. His dad is very much women are second to mem sort of thing. He is really hard work and always picks on me and slags my sister off 

on Christmas Day he said to my mil "go get my wine" I said something along the lines of "would'be be me running after )my husband) I later on asked if we could put music on and he said "I don't have any" so I put music on my phone

this has caused world war 3!!! On 1stjanuary my husband nipped into see his parents and his dad went mental at him (I'm in my bed with the cold and had it just after christmas) i said to my hubby if I go down your dad will start! So hubby got a bollockinh cuz I'm not in my place and we are tight with money as our donation of £150 to a charity he helps with wasn't enough 

I went down the next day to try and sort things out..anyways his dad said I'm disrespectful to him my mother in law and his house and he doesn't come into my house and tell me how to run my marriage. He "demands" more respect from me! He was very aggressive ride and his body language was awful 

he says I don't come down often enough and I said no wonder you done make me feel confortBle and he always picks on me! (This has been going on for months) he's so rude to me and always picks on ne. They had family staying from America and he was so nasty to me in front of them to me even they made a comment.

he then decided to throw in how much he doesn't like my sister so I left the house..

the fact is i had just found out I'm pregnant and this is what's happening..  so so stressed 

my husbands behind me 100% and said his dad is the wrong one. Bearing in mind I apologised to his parents if they feel I offended them!!which I know I never I think I could have done anything on Christmas Day and they still wouldn't be happy 

I'm so upset with it all I'm beginning to think I'm stuck with these morons for life. I can't take it and can't stand them. The way it stands I don't want to see them again.

hes friendly with my dad & appeared at my dads house the next day (to suss out what's going on) I've not told my parents as I think my dad will go nuts 

only hubby and my sister know I'm expecting xxx


  • Hi Closmith,

    im so sorry you're going through this, some in laws can be quite difficult. It sounds like he will never change, so things may not get any easier. 

    Sometimes it may help to be up front but it also may do the opposite. I think having a heart to heart with hubby about what he thinks may help.

    hope it gets sorted xx

  • Hi Lisa thanks for your reply.. That was a rant and a half yesterday wasn't it?! 

    I have spoke to him in fact my huanand and I went down to speak to them on 2nd January and they both went nuts. They are completkwy in the wrong and my husband agreed. They have crossed the line and my father in law thinks he can say and so as they please 

    they both just walked into my work (I am a receptionist in a dentist) to book an appointment!!!!!!!!! Honestly I'm so wound up with them both I couldn't even look at them x

  • Oh no way thats horrible reading that, he's an old fashioned minded man that look down to women it sounds like it. Hope your mother in law is better to talk to ?  Sounds really tense! 

    Don't get stressed over it. I know it's easier said than done. But just concentrate on your little family :) that is all you need at a time like this is people who can be supportive and stand by you 

    All the best 


  • Thanks bethr.. No she's just as twisted she loads the gun and he fires the bullets..

    for the sake of my husband I actually went down on Sunday and it was so awkward they aren't nice but I'll rise above it and when they find out they have a grandchild on the way I'm sure they will change their tune..

    thankyou for your reply!!!!xx

  • Closmith, my ex boyfriends Mum sounds a lot like them, would be as nice as pie when it suited her if I was giving her a lift somewhere, the rest of the time would be rude and hurtful, played manipulative games.  She never got better in the 10 years we were together.  Most of the time I let it go for his sake.  She never respected me or changed.  Best thing is to stay away.  Let your Husband continue to visit if he wants to - on his own. You don't need the stress and shouldn't be treated like that.  

  • Thank you for your reply meme.. I think they think all is forgotten but it's not..

    I'm really trying to stay focused and positive as I believe everything does happen for a reason and its a life lesson and I'm handling it the right way.

    its made me and my husband so much stronger

    did it ever come to a head with her? its so hard isn't it? Shes very two faced and that's the worst xx

  • I didn't get into an arguement with her, my ex did many times over it, but it still happened.  one day I was invited for lunch, arrived 15 mins early she said "what are you doing here I told you 12 o clock".  Very petty.  She tried telling me things and telling me not to tell him and it was things concerning him.  

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  • Thankyou meme 

    she sounds ridiculous but very upfront xx

  • Yes, thankfully I don't have to deal with that anymore.  My Husbands family love me 👌🏻

  • That's great I'm really happy it's all worked out honey xx

  • Thank you 😊

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