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My daughter has just turned 1. My partner has another daughter aged 4 1/2 from another relationship. She is very naughty behaved because she is pasted between families. Me and my partner try and give her the right discipline she needs, but as soon as she comes back from her mums, she is back to the beginning. Is my 1 year old going to get some of her traits? Anyone else having the same problem or have any advice? Kayleigh x


  •  Hi Kayleigh. I don't have experience from a parent point of view but I will say that I step sisters who are very undesirable with the way they are and growing up we got into trouble at times over minor things but I only picked up from them as many bad habits as I would from other kids at school. Now we've all grown up I am very proud of myself and how I've turned out and how I am nothing like those two. It sounds nasty and bitter but our parents guided us all the same, same discipline, same everything and they just went down a different path and I chose not to follow. It's probably not much help but I hope you feel a bit better. I do know that watching all parents and step parents involved, it looked like hard work for them to deal with it all, tip toeing around so as not to upset someone elses kids but if you are fair with them both don't worry. Is her mum with someone else now? I know sometimes ppl have said they let things go that they would normally pull their kids up on to compensate for their dad not been around. If the mum is reasonable maybe your OH could speak to her. I know it's not always the case though. Good luck. image  x

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