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I seriously need advices

Im first time to join a discussion like this so please have patience hehe. so first, my last period was 2/25/16 to 3/2/16 i always have a 7-day period. my boyfriend and i had a protected (condom was used) sex last march 12 and march 19. march 12 was perfect, no broken condom happened, but last march 19, the condom broke, but no any signs of orgasm was there, it is still pure dry even if it was broken. my period was supposed to be 3/23/16, i got worried since it didnt came, but them it came last 3/27/16 and lasts until 4/2/16. i just got worried that maybe im preggy since it got late, i also had my latest period 4/23/16 to 4/30/16. now im still worried that "what if" im pregnant. but i hope not, i really hope not. i dont have any signs of pregnancy at all, no morning sickness, no tender and swollen breast (nope, i got this tender breast a week before my latest period come, is it normal? but thats all, after that i never feel any pain again), i started worrying when i get late period and worry again because i read about the breakthrough bleeding, i dont understand it all seriously.

so maybe you can cheer me up and have some advice for me? just for me to stop worrying that i may be pregnant. i am not yet ready to bear a child, after a "late period" last march i promise to my boyfriend that i will not have sex anymore until we reached the perfect age for us to be ready to be a parent.  

and is it normal to have an irregular cycle since i am in a regular cycle? do you get my point hehe. i get nervous on what will you response eh. my friend told me that maybe i got a late period due to stress in school because that time i had all the paper works to do and i almost forgot to eat a meal for almost a day or two.

i really appreciate your efforts in giving me some advice, thank you xx


  • i also dont have any unusual food cravings, no increased white discharge, no pregnancy symptoms i swear. btw i never had a pregnancy test because i was planned to have a pt 3/28/16 but my period came 3/27/16. i now have my white discharge and its like uhm watery, maybe because im about to be fertile this week right? i am paranoid sorry. i also have blue veins in my wrist and in my breast, especially when i took a bath, is it normal or what? my blue veins in my wrist is sometime pronounced even before. but in my breast, i dont know if it is also pronounced even before because i am not checking it before. and my areola gland is also pronounce if i took a bath, is it also normal?? but it never get darker anyway.

    i hope you help me :(

  • Hi ladies, please help me :() hehe thankyou xx

  • Your friend is right, many things can affect your period - stress/anxiety, changes to your diet, changes in exercise, illness, hormones...all as well as pregnancy.

    If you think you may have fallen pregnant on March 19th then you would be around 6wks pregnant by now so should get a clear result with either a home test kit or a blood test from your Dr

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