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H, I'm new here, I really need some advice, I will give a bit of back round info, I don't want to ramble to much... Ok, so I'm a mum to 2 daughters and 1 step daughter, spet daughter lives with us and my partner(her father), his ex, her mum rang police in summer making terrible accusations up that me and him are child abusers, step daughter got given to her mother for 3 months while police investigated, came back NFA, now she's back home with us, last weekend step daughter came home and said her mums new boyfriend slapped her round the face, by this time me and my partner had had around a couple of whiskeys and cokes as it was a Sunday and not illegal to have a little drink, anyway after hearing her say that, me I turned, so angry seeing red, I drunk a bit more and talked to step daughter got video evidence of her saying this, anyway me and my partner were talking about it around 5pm Sunday and we started arguing, the next think I remember is walking out of the house to calm down, 20mins later I'm at the park calming down and police arrive to arrest me, I was taken to nick for the night, the next day I get out at around 5pm, I had a phone call from the social worker before I left the station telling me I'm not to go back to my house, she told me if I do she will take my children away, I'm not a bad mother I have no criminal or abusive record my question is are social services allowed to do this when I am absolutely no threat to my children, the police even said its absurd,I'm missing them stupidly, were all human we all make mistakes, I made a big one but should I really be made to pay for it by not seeing my children?

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