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Moving abroad

(sorry this is in the relationships topic. I couldn't find a more appropriate one)! 

My husband and I have a 14 month old daughter and we both work full time. We have a comfortable life, but we're by no means flush or well off. 

My husband has been offered a job in Chicago, USA, starting in August. We've both wanted to love and work in America for as long as we can remember and we were ecstatic when he got the position. We've accepted the offer but I'm now starting to have second thoughts. An opportunity like this will probably never come up again, but I'm so worried. We'd be leaving our families, our home, and for the first few months/the first year, we'd be in a one bed apartment. (We have to rent in a particular tower block to begin with and prices for a 2 bed are redicuous) for some reason it's really bothering me that we'd be sharing a room with our daughter. She hasn't slept in our room since she was 3 months old. I know it's normal to have apprehension, but its so difficult to know if we're making the right decision. The opportunities we could offer our daughter in America are far beyond those we could offer her here.What I'm looking for, is how would you feel if you were making this move? We've visitised America before but never chicago so don't even know what the place will be like.  Thanks for reading! 

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