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Wedding etiquette when you're the step mum

hello just interested in people's views, I'm going to a wedding next week, it's my fiances daughter. We get on ok, I don't know her that well I suppose but from what I do know she is lovely. I know my Fiance is obviosly going to be busy being father of the bride etc and I know I shall probably be on my own most of the day Which I'm fine with, it's not my day.  What do I do when my Fiance is called for family photos? Am I classed as part of the brides family or do I stay to one side? Silly things like this are making me very anxious. It doesn't help that I'm not liked by the ex wife ( mother of the bride ) who hasn't even met me but apparently has made it known she doesn't want me to be there. Any advice would be great, I'm so worried about eating in the way etc


  • I meant to say I'm not her step mum and don't think of me as being one but didn't know what to title the post!

  • I would think for the majority of pictures you wouldn't be in them. It might be different if you'd played a step mother role but in my wedding pictures my SIL bf wasn't in any of them. I would think your fiancé would like one that you're in so ask him to talk to his daughter and ask if one of you, him and the happy couple cam be taken. Other than that sit back and enjoy the bubbly x

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