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hi all I am fairly new to this chat board. It's a long winded post but please bear with me!

im feeling a bit out of sorts. Hard to pinpoint exactly why which I should why I just titled post as meh.. 

i have 2 beautiful girls, aged 5 and 2. I work from home as a seamstess, and my husband is in the army so away a fair bit. 

Bur the last few months (since being sterilised), I have been feeling constantly emotional, tired, and totally fed up. I can't seem to shake the feeling of utter loneliness and uselessness. Like I can't do anything right, im lazy and overweight and just can't get out of this funk. And have no real friends I can talk to!

i tried talking to my husband about it but he thinks if I do exercise and eat healthy I'll feel better but I just can't get off my bum, which puts me in a viscous cycle coz I'm miserable about my weight which I then eat coz I'm miserable. im a terrible emotional eater. 

My 2 year old has hit terrible 2s, which my 5 year old never did, and I blame myself for her being naughty. Like if I had treated her differently maybe she wouldn't be naughty. dont get me wrong she's not that bad but she's lashing out at her sister and shouting and screaming no at everything. But I feel as though it's all my fault! 

And my 5 year old brought headlice home from school and I blAmed myself. Even though I knew it wasnt my fault I couldn't help thinking I had done something wrong 

has anyone else felt like this? there has been loads of other things but I don't want to bore u all on my first post x


  • Hey there.. I am no expert at any of this but I couldn't read and run.. Have you thought of maybe talking to your doctor? It feels to me like you are in a rut and maybe have a little case of the blues? I can totally understand that vicious cycle as I have been there myself. Do you take any time to yourself or have you even got that option? Would you consider going to some classes if you could get a sitter? Or a mum and toddler group?

    I do if you can do something for yourself you will start to feel better. It has to be hard with your husband away so much.

    I think your hubby has his heart in the right place and I put my mind to it last year and lost 2.5 stone and swear as hard as it is to start, once you do, you will start to feel better and you will want to get out and about. But you have to be ready to make that choice and you have to want to.

    I hope you start to feel better soon x

  • Hi there thank you for ur message! 

    I think i might call Drs and see what she says! I saw a dr after having my daughter when I had sterilisation sorted as I was feeling like this but I put I think down to being tired from baby waking all the time! 

    Mum a bit on my own her eyes as I don't have any friends that I can actually call friends if u know what I mean! I'm always trying to put a happy face on coz I don't like to show how I'm feeling but my husband has noticed that I've been a bit grumpier and fed up than usual!

    I joined an NHS weight loss thing where I get weighed weekly  I did fairly week the first few weeks and I lost 9lbs but the last 3 weeks I've become emotional and unhappy again! But I don't know why! 

    I had a Mother's Day event at my daughters school this afternoon and sat chatting to some of the other mums and  felt better but soon as I came back to where i live I felt a bit fed up again! 

    Tjis is my next door neighbour asked me to go out for a few drinks with her and her friends but I felt too anxious to go and meet new people and felt bad about leaving my kids and husband at home! Another viscous cycle again!

    i just wish I could go back to being the happy me! I thought about seeing sr to see if I could go back on the pill even though I've  had my tubes tied to see if it's a hormonal thing xx

  • oh poor you Charlee21 sounds like you're having a hard time. It's really hard work looking after small children and you've got 2 under 5!

    I don't know but can being sterilised make you feel a bit depressed? I'm thinking your hormones must be all over the place at the moment.

    Don't be so hard on yourself. Maybe just try to do something nice every day - like chatting to those mums at school. And things will slowly get better. Just hang in there! 

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