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help me!

So new to this chat thing but thought id give it a go.

Am on the pill zetella may have nothing to do with how I am feeling but I have started feeling so low, crying at the silliest things and getting all worked up.

My kids hAve not been very well with tonsillitis my 3 year old and my 1 year old so between them they have been up most of nights since Friday so feel drained anyway


  • Posted before I finished my partier came home today and was pretty much on his phone. I have a 1 year old screaming a 3 year old asking me for a cup of tea, I ask him and it's like im asking for the universe so then I start to get annoyed as I've had crying children all day and he thinks it's ok to just take himself to bed. I appreciate he has been at work all day but am I over reacting. A little bit of help wouldn't go a miss!

  • I know ur pain love! I have 3 kids a stepchild and one on the way and my oh does sweet f.a. when he comes home from work unless it involves playstation or fussing over my stepdaughter.

    He works hard i do give him that but the only time he does anything is if his mum or dad phone and they need help n his straight there no probs but i ask him n its like iv asked for a million pounds!!! 

    Its not fair and you shouldn't be feeling like that hun xx

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