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Help - Making other school mum friends is harder than i thought

Hi all,

I am new to this forum. I am full time working mum and have 8 year old son. We moved to our current house 2 years ago. Son is happy with his new school but I struggle to build relations with other school mums. I don't get to do picks ups or drop offs. Hubby's lost his job so manages that but isn't a social person.....I worry and at times feel guilty that am not at all involved with my son's school life....all other kids I see have playdates or sleepovers. I try to take time off some days before half term and ask few moms to meet up which so far I've managed with one mum but rest all just agree on face and nothing ever happens.

any one is similar situation?


  • Please don't beat yourself up over this - unfortunately it's just one of things that happens. Why not see if your son's class have a Facebook or Whatsapp group for parents - my school does (set up by the parents) so we can all keep track of nit outbreaks, trips, play dates etc - this might be helpful with you getting to know the mums?

    Maybe ask your son who he'd like to have play dates with and if you start arranging them at your house first, in turn he'll be asked back to other kids houses, and you can start there? 

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