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So upset argued with my Mum


just wanted advice really and whether or not you think I am in the wrong?

I rang my Mum last Monday and in the middle of the call she said 'do you want to talk to your Dad?' As she didn't have time to talk to me she tried to fob me off to someone else. I was a bit upset because she has done this to me a few times (I would have preferred her to say can I call you back a bit later). So I said don't worry I'll speak to you again when you've got time to speak to me.

On Tuesday I had a text from my Dad saying how he regretted every cross work with his parents and I will regret being nasty to my Mum. I text back to say that I wasn't nasty and we haven't had a crossed word I just said I would speak to her when she has time. I then text her on Wednesday morning to Say my children would be in the area if she wanted my husband to pop up with them (I was in work). She responded and the last thing I said was it ok and I had 'yes fine' text back.  I heard nothing from her since and we usually speak/text/email numerous times a day.

They were supposed to be babysitting today so I text last night to say don't worry about it as we decided not To go out (I feel too upset and I haven't been able to look forward to it as we haven't been ok all week). I was crying all last night.  Had atext back saying we had your message. Tell the boys we love and miss them.

i know this is going to upset me all weekend and I just feel so hurt xxx

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