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My husband went away for work for 5 weeks and I am becoming an emotional wreck

I miss my husband so much but he is away for work for 5 weeks. I hope 5 weeks go by fast. I don`t think it is a long time until 5 weeks are up! Will 5 weeks go by quickly? :`(  image July 10 he will return.


  • Hi Jessica, Sorry to hear that you're going through such a hard time with your husband being away. I can totally feel your pain. My husband and I lived apart for 1 year due to work and only saw each other weekends which was never enough. Now we have moved back in together and he has a new job they keep sending him away so feel like i am in the same position too. It is hard to cope but try stay focused and positive and time will fly by and he will be home before you know it x

  • Don´t cry! 5 weeks is nothing! I had a boyfriend who was a mariner. He used to be away at sea for 4 months. Now that was horrible. I know how you feel exactly. Time is flowing like a river. It will pass faster than you know. The thing that helped me was to continue with the life. To be busy. That is how you don´t think about him. But the nights are always the worst when he comes to mind and in the dreams.

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