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Feel so alone

Currently 33+1wks with baby no4 and iv never felt so alone. My h2b and i have 2 children together already and 1 each from previous relationships. The pregnancy was a huge shock to me as after my little girl (prev had 2 boys) i was done and happy, but despite being on the pill it happened. He was over the moon, i however less so and more sheer panic over having 4 and a stepchild who is more spoilt then all the children put together.

H2b hasnt been to a single m/f app, his booking to go out with his friends to place before and just after babies due, his not helpful in any way to me but drives miles out of his way for his child which in turn does his ex the favour, still expects me to go out here and there despite me needing to rest (docs orders) he criticises me to his family n makes me want to cry. Its just all too much and iv been a single parent before i know i can do this but i want him to step up. If i say something i get help for 1 day... thats it.

Just very hard


  • So sorry your feeling this way hun it's so hard when you feel lonely:( 

    Please be very careful as when you have your new beautiful baby this could very easily turn into postnatal depression. Please seek help via your midwife they are there to listen and will offer very good advice. They will get you an appt to speak with a trained therapist and it honestly helps to get it all off your chest:)

    I had anxiety at one point for different reasons and thought my therapist wouldn't help but he was amazing and 6 weeks later I felt sooo much better:)

    I would advise sitting down and having a heart to heart with your partner and tell him it's all too much! If he's not willing to listen and help you then you certainly have some important decisions to make. Do you have local family that can help you out at all?

    Hope you seek the help you need and i wish you every luck with your new addition and sorting things out:)

    please speak to your midwife they really are wonderful 😊

    Hugs to you xxx

  • missmyangels is right. You could fall in postnatal depression. After all, your husband doesn´t do nothing to improve your state of mind. On the other hand, you have to think about him. Maybe he entered in some kind of panic. There are lots of mouths to feed after all, and many of men would run away out of fear. Try to talk to him and make him calm. Together you are stronger and can make things better.

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