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Don't know what to do? 😩 OH's family don't bother with my baby at all

My OHs family have not bothered with my girl since she was 2 weeks old, she's now 6 months old.

Not one single text asking how she is.

But yet they put on Facebook how their the best relatives to her etc which drives me insane. 

Anyone else's family not bother with your babies but act like they do? 


  • My parents do bother just not equally with their other grandchildren 

  • My parent also doesn't bother about them.

  • Yes, it happens. There is a bunch of hypocrits in the world. The worst part is when they are family. I know it hurts, but continue with your life. Even though it hurts. If you have the courage, next time when they post something like that, tell them the truth, over the facebook. Make them to be ashamed in front of everybody,denounce them who they really are. You will see the positive reaction later.

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