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Do parents have favourite children & grandchildren?

I am one of five children, the second oldest.  I have often felt my parents had favourites and I def not one of them!

i also now think my children are def not among the favourite grand children.

All I ever hear from my mum is how well the other grandchildren are doing, Whstever my children do heir cousins do better or did first.

We moved away and even when sees my children instead of watching them play she talks about my nieces and nephews, we went down to spend quality time with mum, and she invited all the other children too EVERY time so had no quality alone time.

my siblings take her for granted using her as unpaid nanny all the time, including babysitting in evening after having all day!

my SIL is a stay at home mum but still gets my mum to drop her second youngest to nursery.

my brother and his children are moving away to the seaside and I just know that she will visit them more than has ever visited us as its 30 min nearer her (1.5 hrs v 2hrs to us)

just needed somewhere where I could write how frustrated I feel

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