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Complicated - ex not treating kids right

Hi im currently seperated from my husband his got a drug problem which esculated, n also he betrayed me by going behind my back with my sis and then lied saying it was all her when she hadnt done anything!

Me n my sis is now reunited after four years of lies! I have three kids my oldest is now 11and isnt my my husbands bilogical child although he raised her from 6months, he has now started treating her different putting up of my other two who i bilogicaly his n not my eldest, he phoned this morning and spoke to the other two but not my eldest!

N his family never treated my eldest as part of the family or never really accepted me! i feel his been brain washed by them, my eldest is feeling it all n has started botteling things up shes really upset! If any one can share advice i'd be greatful thanks 


  • It is hard to advice anything. First of all, your eldest is not guilty of anything even though his family treat you both as the guilty ones. If they get harsh again, you should tell them all the truth in the face.They deserve it. I mean, how can they attack you and have their son drug addict. Where is the anger with him?! Without recognizing his problem, they don´t do him any favor. You should have an honest talk with all of them, and sort this out. Otherwise, your eldest will suffer more and more every day. 

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