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Expecting baby from a fling!!! Am i being selfish for keeping it?

Hi everyone,  I am pregnant from a short fling. Was unexpected as on the pill. i went to go for an abortion but I just couldn't do it and now I'm so happy to have the baby and be a single mum. I have told the dad, but he is upset as he doesn't want it as we don't know eachother. I can't help but be happy that I am keeping the baby, but am I being selfish? he is really not happy and making me feel guilty for bringing the child into the world with no father around. 


  • I'm in the complete same boat as you! I went through all the stages of wanting it then not wanting it, and went for an abortion too but seeing a tiny human on the screen made me change my mind.

    I am worried about being a single mother to a child that it's father doesn't want! But you know deep down what's best for you and your child. Yes it will be very difficult at times but I do believe it will be twice the work but twice the satisfaction! 

    I don't think you're being selfish, imagine getting rid of it and then regretting it all your life. It's traumatic. What's meant to be will be, treat this as a blessing.

    Good luck 😚

  • It is hard to understand that kind of thinking of that guy. I mean, why abort? I understand that this baby is a result from a fling, but you can´t be that irresponsible and get rid of the baby just like that. You both made that baby, and everyone of us has to take responsibility of own actions. Even when we talk about the baby. Be single mum if he doesn´t want to be part of baby´s life, but you should keep in touch with him, just in case he changes his mind. Who knows, maybe his conscience won´t let him be away from the child for a longer period of time. Anyhow, I wish you all the luck!

  • Girls you will be awesome mothers. Did you know a lot of children in Denmark are born to IVF to single mothers and thrive just as well as the nuclear family set up? If not sometimes better because there's no parental conflict!

    Keep in contact, but keep it minimal. Don't let him ruin your day. Maybe one day if he changes his mind he can be a part of your beautiful babies life! Otherwise don't break a sweat, you'll do just fine girl!

  • Go for it a baby is always a blessing I’m 27 years old and all what I want is to be a mom even if I have to be a single parent 

  • You are not being selfish... the father knew the risks when he decided to have sex with you & not use a condom. IMO... guys need to grow a pair and start taking care of their own sexual health and contraception rather than just relying on women to do that for him. If you were taking your pill correctly and didn’t deceive him in any way prior to sex then you have nothing to feel bad about. He has to face the consequences of not choosing to protect himself. 

    If he doesn’t want to be involved in the baby’s life then that’s his decision but you should not be made to feel bad for respecting the value of human life! 

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