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I will never be good enough!

My week consists of university, university home assignments, working for 2 counselling agencies (volunteering as a Counsellor unpaid), all mummy and housewife duties and appointments, running 2 of my own businesses. Plus I'm a self published author. I'm not posting this for recognition or praise but to vent my frustration and hurt.
On the weekend my other half and I were talking to friends about engagement rings and my MIL butted in and said but who works shifts to pay for that ring? referring to my partner. Naturally my partner defended me and listed all of the above. Her response? it's not work when she's not paid and everything else is what a woman's supposed to do! I literally don't get a second in the entire week to just relax. But that's not good enough. Not to mention the fact that even if I were a billionaire, isn't the man (or the one who proposes) meant to buy the engagement ring anyway! I'm so angry with her. She not only made me feel worthless but it was my birthday and she deliberately humiliated me infront of all my friends. BTW this coming from someone who herself and her partner have claimed benefits for the entire time me and my partner have been together. I have nothing against people on benefits but when I work my ass off day in day out and someone who sits home on Facebook and sleeping all day makes out i do nothing it really pisses me off. I can't believe after so many years she still looks down her nose at me. 

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