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Caught him out, cheating? What would you do?

Caught him out. Cheating? What would you do?

I recently caught my fiancé messaging another woman vey inappropriate things and talking about meeting up etc. When I confronted him about it he initially tried to lie his way out of it and then came clean when I realised I'd seen the messages. 
He swears it never went further than messaging and never would have but they were quite graphic so we're not just talking about flirty texts. (He has not done this before to me that I'm aware of, but has cheated on previous partners)
I was cheated on in a previous relationship (so I may be more harsh with certain behaviours) and it took me a very long time to feel I could trust again so for me his actions are just as bad as cheating. 
We have an 11 month old daughter and, due to very unfortunate circumstances, have recently taken on full time care of his two older children from a previous relationship. It has beeb a really difficult year for all of us and I just can't understand how he could do that to me! It hurts every day and I'm so torn between not wanting my daughter to grow up in a single parent household as I did, but also not knowing if I can stay and trust him again. 
Any similar experience or advise would be very much appreciated. 


  • you can’t just stay with him because of your daughter if you are not happy or can’t trust him then I personally would leave him 

  • I agree with Emma 

  • Let me open your eyes. He is cheating you, 100%. There is no doubt about it. If you still are going to believe his lies, then I feel sorry for you, really. You knew he cheated his ex partners as you said, why did you think in the first place that you will be special? Or you one of those who believe in fairy tales of love? He got bored, you are not interested to him anymore and now he is looking for another victim of his irresponsible immature behavior. Sorry to be the one to tell you, but your child needs you, I prefer single parent and life full of joy and love that sour, gritty, full of problems family life with both parents.

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