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Moving with 3 months old

So I have a pretty little girl, soon she will be 3 months old. I live in Scotland, her dad in Norway. He has a good job and bought house since he heard about me becoming pregnant. I have good job too. I feel more and more depressed every day because I feel I have to move to Norway for her. He is good dad and she loves him. Unfortunately my and dad's relationship seems very much unsettled at the moment. He seems to be avoiding any physical contact, no hugs, friendly kiss if I am lucky. He doesn't seems to care a lot about me, never asks how I feel. When I asked about it he replies that there is no problem. I do not think he has feelings for me anymore but I feel I have to move for her. This scares me as I will be alone in new country with no friends, I had depression in past and I feel it is coming back. I worry so much that I will move and become depressed again. I feel so happy to have her and heartbroken in the same time. I already started crying every day in shower (to hide it). I told him we do not have to be together if he doesn't want and maybe bringing child together as friends would be better idea, but he seems to avoid this subject. We know each others for couple of years.

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