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Should they ask? Partners family driving me mad!

Urghh so I feel like I get walked all partners family arnt my favourite people to start with but since my babies birth they have peed me off more than usual...

Partners mum and sister come round (uninvited and I was busy but let them in anyway) partners mum doesn't wait to be handed the  baby she just takes him from my arms then she like oh your go now to his sister they passed him back and forth and ignored me just spoke to each other! Then his mum invites his sister upstairs to look at my babies room!! She was all like "yea  yea it's fine go and have a look" and I'm sat there thinking like this is my bloody house not hers!!..she never takes her bloody shoes off and disrespects me! Urghh and she was told not to put photos on social media twice she ignored this and claimed she his sister is posting pictures...I never get asked and I'm Made to feel like I'm not his mum his family think they can do whatever they want regarding my child and it's really getting me down! Like his mum is so bossy! She got in a strop and demanded she have my baby when I go back to I said I dont like them or the way they behave so I don't want him around them I going mad or am I being treated crappy here? 

Oh yea and the other day I went for a walk with the pram to the post office...she rang me when I was half way there  and she was like " I'm at the door" I said to well I'm not in...she sounded shocked asked a million questions then tracked me down in her car...they just expect me to sit in all day and be on hold incase they want to come round...getting very mad very fast and partner takes there  side more than parents Dont live close so I'm stuck with his lot urghh 


  • Oh no! I'm pregnant with my first and I must admit this is my worst nightmare and the going to the bedroom like it's her house would of been my final straw So I seriously sympathise!

    could you other half not have a word? 

    Its so hard trying to please everybody but maybe try a set time - like 2 hours on a certain day she can come round?

    we have done this for when baby arrives so they know that's when they are welcome each week and I think I'll use that time to take a bath whilst they fuss 😊👍🏻

  • This would drive me nuts. HATE people showing up unannounced or uninvited! 

    I think you need to have a gentle word with either your partner or his mum, and just gently say 'please call before you come over, to make sure it's a good time for me'. 

    Get your partner to tell them no pics on social media - some people just don't bloody listen. 

    On the positive side, it's nice your babies granny want's to be so involved - you'll be loving that free childcare soon, promise - it will save you a bomb x

  • im 31 weeks pregnant and feel like this is going to happen to me! my partners family are exactly the same. i think there will be a point where I just snap so you are definitely NOT going mad! 

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